Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Man bites dog: I defend the Clintons

Over ten years ago, President Clinton told us that he wanted to “lead the American people in a great and unprecedented conversation about race.” And, indeed, there was even that PBS special designed to do just that. A Dialogue on Race with President Clinton

Heh, heh…as they say - be careful what you wish for: Clinton, Obama spar on race issue - Decision '08- msnbc.com

The Clintons are learning what many of the more conservative among us already know: invitations to dialogues on race aren’t to be taken literally; some of us are just to be seen and not heard…well, except for the occasional “mea culpa”.

For the record, Senator Clinton’s comments on President Johnson and the Reverend King were appropriate and President Clinton was spot-on in his criticism of Senator Obama’s Iraq record. Stubborn Facts has a good overview of all of this.

…and to the former First Family, in the aftermath of this week’s reap-what-you-sow moment; welcome to the downside of identity politics.

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