Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Governor O' the news

The Maryland Blogosphere has been highlighting this amusing story: O'Malley's job approval lower than Bush's

“Marylanders gave Mr. Bush, a Republican, a 36 percent job-approval rating, just slightly more than the 33 percent they gave Mr. O'Malley, according to the Fox 5/The Washington Times/Rasmussen Reports poll.”

Soccer Dad notes this unexpected grasp of the obvious:

“I think what people are responding to is that their own pocketbook is shrinking and they are frustrated with anyone they think may have shrunk it more," said Barbara Mikulski, U.S. Senate.” - O'Malley Has Lower Approval Rating Than Pres. Bush

But the line that sticks with me is this Mike Miller quote:

"Martin O'Malley is going to be very popular. He had a great year as governor, very progressive year. He moved forward on education, healthcare and the environment...His approval ratings are going to go nowhere but up," said Senate President Mike Miller.”

Yep – he’s really moved "forward" on education.

“Mr. O'Malley, who was Baltimore's mayor at the time of the attempted schools takeover, has made no secret of his lack of trust in Ms. Grasmick and his desire to replace her.” A galling grasp for power -- (note: the “galling grasp” is Ms. Grasmick’s) (H/T - The Main Adversary)

That’s right; he’s following up on his stellar efforts to protect some Baltimore schools from the clutches of the state with a well-reasoned campaign to oust Ms. Grasmick. And after reading (or, more likely, having read to them) the following news, no doubt those Baltimore schools are today breathing a huge sigh of relief that Mr. O’Malley won that showdown and prevented the state from taking them over:

“The complex formula, which measures student achievement, standards and assessments and teacher pay, among other factors, rates Maryland as the third-best state school system in the country with a B average.”

“"Maryland is very proud to be among three states, in their words, 'leading the pack,' " said State Schools Superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick. "Through this you see how well we've done compared to other states."
Report: Md. and Va. Schools Rank Among Nation's Best; D.C.'s Are the Worst

Wow, it looks like the editors of the Washington Post have been reading Maryland Conservatarian.
well, if they're not - they should be...thanks
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