Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Don't worry - there is no National Security tie-in...

In an article describing Prince George’s County’s adoption of a new SmartBoot for parking scofflaws, there was a description of the nabbing of a Tahoe that had $15,000 in unpaid tickets associated with it:

“County parking enforcers spotted the vehicle as they used the other half of their new system: cameras that scan license plates, alerting them to cars with unpaid fines.” These Boots Are Made for Unlocking

Prince George’s County is using these technological marvels to raise money for government. Would it make a difference if the surveillance was instead used to scan for known terrorists, illegal immigrants or those with warrants out on them?

PI would appreciate this:

KAOS - K - A - O - S, a Delaware corporation.

Max: Why Delaware?

Chief: Tax purposes.
a Get Smart reference is almost always appropriate
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