Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We are not worthy!!

I don’t usually read Stumped but the headline was too good to ignore:

Can Bush Hatred End a Friendship?

Apparently, this Post feature has clueless people write in with questions and dilemmas about the candidates, the campaigns and politics in general. Our first question today came from one Staggo Lee. Mr. Lee has a fellow progressive friend whose anti-Bush tirades have alienated many of their mutual moderate and conservative friends. Mr. Lee is certainly no apologist for the President but…well; I’ll let him tell you his dilemma:

“…I feel differently: I am gay, and figure my association with these friends has changed them for the better. I maintain I should keep and nurture these friendships and skip the politics.”

Wow – what altruism! He’s kind of like a Gay Gandhi, mingling with us lower-caste non-progressives. I’ve sort of had a sense that I’ve been changing for the better lately so I’m going to be scouring my Rolodex to see if I know this Staggo Lee - if so, an overdue “Thank You” card goes in the mail.

Side Notes: In answering the next question, Post writer Andres Martinez slips this tidbit in:

“Legal immigrants understand that illegal immigrants work as hard as they do and also realize the United States has a system that capriciously decides who gets rewarded for working hard.”

We do? You mean as opposed to the rational and above-board way of the countries these immigrants – both legal and illegal – came or fled from? Mr. Martinez is a graduate of Yale, Stanford and Columbia so perhaps he’s always been rewarded more based on where he went to school vice the effort involved… ‘cause I’m guessing he never made the effort to learn the definition of “capricious”.

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