Saturday, November 10, 2007


An Orange Bowl remembrance

Covering sports doesn’t require you to know any more about sports than the average fan. We sports fans are reminded of that on a constant basis and it is my segue into a rant about an admittedly insignificant but still irritating bit on Miami and the Orange Bowl: Top 10 games

“With Miami playing its final game in the Orange Bowl this weekend against Virginia (the Hurricanes will move to Dolphin Stadium for 2008), it's time to reflect on some of the most memorable games the Hurricanes have been a part of in the O.B.”

So J. Darin Darst of CBS Sportsline, with the help of “ staff, writers and producers”, has put together a list of the 10 greatest games Miami played there along with 7 “honorable mentions”. Turns out, by the most amazing coincidence, that just about every game worth mentioning happened while Mr. Darst and that collection of sports whizzes he consulted were alive. Yep – of the 17 games mentioned, 16 occurred since 1984. Who’d a thunk it? The only pre-84 game deemed worthy of mention by these sports denizens was an actually forgettable 45-16 shellacking of Miami by Florida in 1971. (As a point of reference, Miami played its first game there December 10, 1937.)

Now I am no fan of the “U” so it is reasonable to ask why I even care. And the more astute reader will be asking: What does this have to do with Holy Cross?

Glad you asked.

“January 1, 1946 UM 13 Holy Cross 6: Al Hudson returns an interception 89 yards for a touchdown on the game's final play to give the Canes the victory. Hudson was a state champion sprinter at Miami's Edison High School.” Goodbye to 70 years of Canes football at the OB

Yeah we lost but it was our only appearance in a bowl game so I want it remembered. Surely such a game merits greatness status over several of the games noted by I mean, if a 27-10 win over Notre Dame in 1989 is #7 simply because Miami converted on a 3rd and 44 play then a final play interception to win the Orange Bowl game has to be a Top 5….Doesn’t it? (And never mind the inclusion of that embarrassing brawl game with FIU a few years ago which inexplicably garners an honorable mention.)

And as I will never tire of reminding people, note that Holy Cross did not play for the tie in a big game…unlike a certain other Catholic institution (currently experiencing one of their worst seasons ever) did in 1966.

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