Friday, November 09, 2007


Montgomery County's Fair Share: Whatever a Progressive says it is

Fun little dust up between fellow MBAer Mark Newgent’s The Main Adversary and Andrew Kujan of Free State Politics over - what else - money.

Free State Politics:: Money Wins, We Lose “I wonder if the Delegate considered that Mongomery already DISPROPORTIONATELY BENEFITS from government programs in Maryland? I suppose the wealth in Montgomery is just happenstance, and has little to do with well maintained infrastructure, quality public schools, etc.

The Main Adversary: "Disproportionately Benefits" “How Kujan can say that MoCo disproportionately benefits while simultaneously footing most of the bill for the rest of the state and getting less in return for their “investments” is beyond me.”

Free State Politics:: Every County for Itself “What it boils down to is that some in the state of Maryland refuse to acknowledge that our state, as all states, is a set of parts that make up a whole. When my tax money goes to pay for Baltimore City public schools, I benefit, despite not having any children.”

The Main Adversary: Purporting to Argue Otherwise “Exactly how Kujan benefits from his tax dollars going to Baltimore city schools is another assertion he doesn’t justify. MoCo certainly does not benefit. How can it when MoCo tax dollars pay for the lions share of of school construction costs and MoCo gets the same amount money as Baltimore City, yet has 40% more students to service.”

It should come as no surprise that I’m with Mark in all this. I am wracked with ZERO guilt over my dis-inclination to support higher taxes – particularly as I do not see how the taxes already collected are being put to an especially efficient and effective use. Further, I am amazed that Mr. Kujan perceives any benefit from his tax investment in Baltimore City schools; I doubt most of those directly receiving the so-called benefit of a Baltimore City public school education share his apparent enthusiasm. It’s like anything else, it’s not the price – it’s the value received. Only a progressive – required by dogma to support all union-dominated efforts at public education – could possibly think we are getting anything close to our paid-in value out of the Baltimore City schools. Hell, looking at the dropout rate there – we’re not even getting babysitting services out of it.

I recently moved from Baltimore City to Montgomery County. Politically, there’s not much difference although the pretentiousness quotient is probably a bit higher here in MoCo. But despite a bit of recent squirming by some Montgomery County pols over the latest tax hikes, the mantra remains the same for liberals/progressives everywhere: Trust us – we know what’s best for you.

I know I’m going to be paying more in taxes. And I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that the state will realize no additional benefits from those higher taxes. I could take the time to follow up on that prediction to prove it but I know I won’t have to. The same people who brought you this tax increase will be eager to prove it when they come back for even more taxes.

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