Friday, November 16, 2007


Just take Metro to the Reston stop...

I meant to post this a few days ago…but it’s still funny:

“Only four riders showed up to voice their opposition to the largest increases Metro has ever proposed in rail fares and parking fees.

"One rider blamed the small turnout on the location, a conference center in Reston, that was not easily accessible by bus or rail. The rider said she could not even find it on MapQuest. Metro board member Catherine Hudgins, who represents Virginia, acknowledged that it was possible the location might have contributed to the small turnout.”
Location Blamed for Small Turnout

Anyone care to guess where Ms. Hudgins lives?

MC, you understate the case. Reston is not served by ANY WMATA vehicle or parking facility, though the 5A blows through it to get to Dulles. Reston is served by Fairfax Connector express buses and by the Reston Internal Bus Service. While undoubtedly some Reston residents drive to West Falls Church or other Orange Line stations and dump their cars, and WMATA does a pretty good job of consolidating schedules and honoring bus transfers inter-system, it was a bit bizarre choice for such a meeting.

On the other hand, to ask Western Fairfax residents to emerge for a long haul back down to Rosslyn for a 7 PM meeting might have excluded them from the process in effect, especially since the out-bound buses such as the 556 stop full service fairly early, i.e. leaving West Falls Church at 8:04. Other meeting locations more centrally located are also available; 6 meetings total are planned, I believe.
Bruce - you've always been more attuned to Mass Transit concerns than me so I appreciate the response. It just struck me as funny that a Reston-residing politician (something the Post didn't report) would have a meeting in Reston and then could only speculate a to why the poor turnout.

Cost, convienence and time are all increasingly weighing against Metrorail here. I appreciate the need for fare hikes because ultimately the user should bear the brunt of the cost but I recognize that he market may not support such truths.
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