Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Election Day - 2007

I am voting in Rockville (Maryland) elections for the 1st time since moving here in March. Unfortunately, there is not a lot to go on because it seems that everyone wants to keep Rockville Rockville while at the same time introducing some fiscal responsibility. Still some clues from the websites are helping me out:

For Mayor: 3 on the ballot: Susan Hoffman enjoys the endorsement of both Senator Ben Cardin and our Comptroller Peter Franchot and Drew Powell has at least two pictures of himself with Governor O'Malley.

...'nuff said. Mark Pierzchala gets my vote by default.

On the City Council side, 11 candidates for 3 slots. Instantly eliminated:
  1. Tracy Pakulniewicz-Chidiac because she used to work for Paul Begala and the Clinton Administration and seems quite proud of it;
  2. Carl Henn is a member of Amnesty International and reading his webpage makes me think he would cost us a fortune;
  3. John Britton is a former administrator for the United Nations refugee relief program in the Sudan...and now he wants to help administer my city?

I appreciate that these people care enough to want to get involved on the not-so-glamorous city level but I am also aware that cities (Rockville is Maryland's second largest city) can be stepping stones *cough*Martin O'Malley*cough* to bigger things. So I will do my part and vote (and not vote)...

...hey, Attila over at Pillage Idiot is a Rockville guy – maybe I'll just write him in.

I got several write-in votes for Congress against "Commie" Morella back in the early 90s, so I would have been happy to be written in here.

Your candidate selection is sound. You have to vote against people.

Or in my case have a neighbor who shares your views and knows who's who.
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