Thursday, October 04, 2007


Sen. Domenici to retire

N.M. Sen. Domenici to retire over brain disorder

From an AP report earlier today:

“Sen. Pete Domenici is retiring after a generation as a dominant Republican voice on budget matters in Congress, deferring to health concerns after six terms in office.”

…meaning former New Mexico prosecutor, David Iglesias (one of the infamous Fired 9 that so fired up Democrats a few months earlier) now comes off as even more full of himself:

“In an e-mail last night, Iglesias attributed Domenici's retirement to the lingering questions about his pre-election phone call.

"He was very good to me early in my career, and for that I will always be grateful, but it is equally true that his attempt to interfere with an ongoing federal criminal investigation last fall was wrong and beneath the dignity of his office," Iglesias said.” Domenici Is Set to Retire From Senate -

Trust me, Mr. Iglesias – you’re not that important.

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