Friday, October 19, 2007


The Huckabee Bandwagon

First Steve Pearlstein, now David Brooks.

I don’t normally read the NY Times but NRO linked to this David Brooks column and he is the rare voice of maturity over there so I clicked: From the Back of the Pack

“And before too long it becomes easy to come up with reasons why he might have a realistic shot at winning the Republican nomination”

The “he” he is discussing is Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas and to date an also-ran among GOP candidates. Here’s what really caught my attention:

“Second, each of the top-tier candidates makes certain parts of the party uncomfortable. Huckabee is the one candidate acceptable to all factions.”

Wow – how out of touch am I with ALL the Republican factions? I have been stating openly that the Republican candidate I am most uncomfortable with is Mike Huckabee precisely because of some of the populist rhetoric Mr. Brooks goes on to expound upon (his “There’s no free trade without fair trade” is fingernails-down-the-chalkboard to me).


…who’s kidding who - should Mr. Huckabee somehow become our nominee to take on whichever from the Democratic side of the aisle, there won’t be a moment’s hesitation before I decorate my car with “Huckabee ‘08” stickers.

Isn't he the "Man from Hope?"
redux...I'd rather not take the chance
Leaving aside my own preferences in the matter, I do find it quite likely that Huckabee could emerge as a compromise candidate. Romney, Thompson, Giuliani all have serious problems for the likely primary electorate and none has much natural strength in the South.

The nightmare scenario, of course, for the RNC and the dream of every Master's candidate in political science is a brokered convention. I suspect that the egos of the various men involved might be strong enough to make them take it all the way to the Convention if no one has the delegates by the last primary. Until recently, I thought the same was quite possible for the Democrats but I think Hillary has it.
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