Monday, October 08, 2007


Happy Columbus Day

If you work for the federal government, you are enjoying a paid holiday today…courtesy of the rest of us who aren’t. Columbus Day was the probably the first politically correct holiday – established in 1971 in response to a vocal group of Americans of Italian descent who thought one of their own should be so honored. Now, of course, it is probably the most politically incorrect because, you know, Columbus lied, Indians died or something like that.

I think we have too many national holidays and I am instinctively opposed to the idea of such holidays honoring individuals but if we’re going to do it, let’s be consistent with our application. Here in liberal and oh-so PC Maryland, we do not close our schools for Columbus Day or Veterans’ Day and Washington’s Birthday is only honored generically as President’s Day. Now lumping Jimmy Carter in with George Washington for honors is simply insulting the memory of the latter and I have yet to hear or read a good explanation as to why honoring the contributions of Martin Luther King are considered more worthy of a day off than honoring those of our veterans. But I’m sure the progressives out there can give me an earful on it…that is after they get back from their three-day weekend.

Gee thanks for the day off.

I've been writing friends saying how I'm taking the day off to celebrate the decimation of the indigenous peoples at the hands of European conquerors. I feel a lot better.

(They really should be celebrating Leif Ericson day, Oct 9. He beat Columbus, besides then I'd get my birthday off every year.)
you're welcome - glad I could help
normally, when people get lost in transit and behave violently, we give them a breathalyzer, not a holiday.

I hate holidays for the simple fact that I like to work and I like to earn.
"normally, when people get lost in transit and behave violently, we give them a breathalyzer..."

...unless you're a Kennedy
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