Friday, October 05, 2007


...and as opposed to the real world coming out of Hollywood

Dewey Ballantine (but I thought it was Dewey & Leboeuf now?) is one the bigger law firms out there so I had to click: George Clooney at Dewey Ballantine

“The new George Clooney film Michael Clayton—set in the world of big Manhattan law firms—was filmed in part in the New York offices of Dewey Ballantine.”

Perhaps the law firm is just buying into the old adage of no such thing as bad publicity but here’s the part I liked:

"When you start doing research into the big law firms, it's amazing to discover how massive they are, how they're complete worlds unto themselves," states production designer Kevin Thompson. "People go into the office and rarely leave during the course of the day and into the night. All their meals are catered, and they only go home to sleep and shower. We wanted to show how law firm life can become a parallel universe, and how that disconnect could foster insular thinking and corrupt ideals."

..uhh, I think he’s talking about you, Dewey.

BTW, Early in her career, Your favorite Sister-in-Law worked in the Library at DB in NYC. Just thought you should know.

Hope you are well, Bro.
Thanks bro
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