Friday, September 07, 2007


Your Maryland Higher Education Tax Dollars at Work

From fellow MBAer Inside Charm City concerning Josh Portis, the now suspended-for-the-season back up QB for the Maryland football team:

“In Tuesday’s Baltimore Sun, Heather Dinich reported that Brandon Bullock, who now attends East Carolina, said that Portis cheated by looking on his paper during a quiz in American Studies 212 (Diversity in America) during the spring semester.” Josh Portis, cheating, and a possible attempt at silencing the messenger? (He has several posts on this subject.)

My first thought, of course, was: He had to cheat on a “Diversity in America” quiz?

But, not wanting to stereotype a course solely on the basis of an easily-mocked course title, I went to look up the course (and found it was actually entitled: “Diversity in American Culture):

AMST212 - Diversity in American Culture

“This course is designed to focus on the role of diversity in shaping American Culture. We will explore the meanings of diversity by focusing on the difference context and implications of the term. More specifically, we will look at how the different components of our identities, such as our race, gender, class, sexuality, and nation can help us to think about difference in American culture. This course will cover such issues as cultural and racial differences, multi-culturalism, identity and the self, the history and reality of oppression, systems of power, and the social construction of American life and culture. In order to facilitate an effective learning environment, students must respect the diversity of opinions which will surface in the class. American Studies at the University of Maryland

My next thought was: He had to cheat on a “Diversity in American Culture” quiz?

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