Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yale celebrates their diversity

In light of this factoid:

“In the 2008 cycle, Yale affiliates have so far given about $120,000 to Democratic candidates and political action committees, and only $1,000 to Republicans. Throughout the 2006 cycle, Democratic causes — particularly the congressional campaign of Scott Kleeb GRD ’06 and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee — received approximately $300,000, compared to less than $5,000 donated to Republican PACs and candidates. “ Yale Daily News - Profs donate heavily to Dems

…we read this disclaimer:

“In response to the lopsided campaign contributions, Yale College Dean Peter Salovey pointed out that the University does not make faculty hiring decisions based on ideological orientation.

“Yale hires faculty without asking them about their political views,” Salovey said. “It is always our goal to expose students to many different viewpoints on scientific, intellectual and contemporary issues [but] … we often don’t know a potential faculty member’s political viewpoints and we typically don’t solicit them.”

For all you diversity-philes out there; if, instead of a political disparity, this had been one of a racial, ethnic or gender nature (and, of course, assuming such disparity was not in the favor of Democratic-preferred interest groups), would you accept Dean Salovey’s statement at face value?

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