Thursday, September 06, 2007


Ted Kennedy has his 15,000th..., that is. What were you thinking?

"The Senate is full of pomp and circumstance at the slightest historical moment, so it was a stunning oversight on Aug. 3 when not a bit of attention was given to Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), with a 45-year career in the chamber, as he cast his 15,000th vote.” Lost in the Shuffle, a Milestone

Obviously I think this is about 15,000 votes too many yet for some reason, the Post writers find this recognition oversight “stunning”. But when the late Strom Thurmond cast his 15,000 vote in 1998, the hoopla seemed rather restrained.

Coincidentally, Senator Byrd (D-WV) had earlier in that same (1998) year become the first to cast a 15,000th vote as a Senator. He later went on to cast a 17,000 vote in 2004 which apparently received a bit more notice. That occasion so moved Ted Kennedy that he gushed:

“Byrd, said Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts., "personifies what our founding fathers were thinking about. ... He brings the qualities that the founding fathers believed were so important."

"There has been no one in this body that has defended the Constitution of the United States more vigorously, tenaciously, and with greater understanding, awareness, and belief in the words of the Constitution," Kennedy added.”

No doubt he was thinking of Robert Byrd’s reliance on the protections of the First Amendment as the West Virginian extolled the virtues of the KKK during his earlier days.

Absolutely no idea he had done that? (Or is Absolut-ly?)

I suppose he probably had absolutely no idea that someone else was in the car.
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