Wednesday, September 05, 2007


More evidence of the Israel Lobby

An update from the Holy Land Foundation trial: Ex-Diplomat Testifies for Muslim Charity

“Israeli intelligence about Palestinian groups that a Muslim charity aided was often unreliable, a former senior U.S. diplomat testified Tuesday at the organization's trial on terrorism-support charges.

“Edward Abingdon, who served as U.S. consul-general in Jerusalem during the 1990s, said the Israelis had an "agenda" and provided "selective information to try to influence U.S. thinking."

No details provided...but while we are on the subject of agendas:

“Abingdon spent 30 years in the State Department. He resigned in 1999 and spent seven years at a Washington lobbying firm that represented the Palestinian Authority for as much as $750,000 a year.”

...and I'm sure he was a reliable projection of the Administration's views durng his time in Jerusalem for State...and now, just for the fun of it, a brief refresher:

“Arafat has received additional public relations help in the US from a lobbying firm headed by former US consul general in Jerusalem Edward Abingdon, who reportedly authored his New York Times column on February 3[2002].” Jerusalem Post via Amygdala (and Dr. Frank's)

How did the Israel Lobby let this one get away?

I do find lobbying distasteful in practice, though not in theory. But the difference between the so-called "Israel Lobby" and lobbyists for corrupt third-world countries is that the former, with infrequent lapses, is transparent, open and above-board, whereas dirt-ball fascist post-Soviet "-stans" hide behind subterfuges and much more opaque relationships with the K Street mafia.
the more government is involved with our lives, the more it pays for us to try and ensure such involvement is on our terms...the classic recent example is how Microsoft didn't ramp up in DC until the federal government started making noises about its market share and such...
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