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Officials: Sen. Hagel Not to Run Again

“The 60-year-old senator arranged a news conference for Monday in Omaha, Neb., to make his formal announcement. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid pre-empting the event.”

Yeah – it’s the anonymity that avoids any preemption. I’ll try and act surprised on Monday but I won't pretend to be disappointed.

I think this is all pretty funny: Hsu Steered Major Fundraiser to Obama

“Before becoming a major bundler for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign, disgraced Democratic donor Norman Hsu helped host a 2005 California event for Barack Obama's political action committee and introduced the senator from Illinois to one of the biggest fundraisers for his presidential bid.”

I obviously have a lot of issues with both Senators and very much wish no luck towards their presidential aspirations but this is such a non-issue. I chalk these kinds of things up to “stuff happens”.

But it’s still pretty funny.

I used to think that Bill Richardson was maybe the best of a poor lot. ..then his campaign kicked into gear.

Bill Richardson - Why We Should Exit Iraq Now

“By hastening the peace process, the likelihood of prolonged bloodshed is reduced. President Richard Nixon withdrew U.S. forces slowly from Vietnam -- with disastrous consequences. Over the seven years it took to get our troops out, 21,000 more Americans and perhaps a million Vietnamese, most of them civilians, died. All this death and destruction accomplished nothing -- the communists took over as soon as we left.”

Actually, Richard Nixon became President in 1969 and we were more or less gone by March of 1973 – so that would be a little more than 4 years vice 7. I can only guess at why he doesn’t include for blame who got us into Vietnam and, more importantly, no reference to what happened right after the Communists took over.

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