Friday, September 07, 2007


Martin O'Malley Meets Fiscal Reality

As a reminder, gubernatorial candidate Martin O’Malley was all over then-Governor Ehrlich for his “Failed Commitment to Thornton”, specifically calling him out on his failure to sign the Thornton full funding bill in 2004:

“When the measure requiring the state to make school funding increases mandated by the Thornton plan became law in 2004, it did so without Ehrlich’s signature. [The Baltimore Sun, “Ehrlich Lets Stand Thornton Schools Bill,‿ March 6, 2004]

"Despite promising to do so, Ehrlich has never fully funded the Thornton plan. Ehrlich has failed to allocate money for the geographic cost of education index (GCEI), a formula that gives extra money to school systems with higher education costs.”

Methinks Mr. O’Malley now wishes his fellow Dems in the state legislature hadn’t been in such an all-fire rush to embarrass his predecessor as O'Malley Questions Rate of Extra Funding

That’s the Washington Post phrasing but in reality, we’re not talking about “Extra Funding”, we’re talking about statutorily-mandated funding.

“During a radio interview, O'Malley questioned whether it would be "prudent" to include the full amount in the fiscal 2009 budget that he is required to submit to lawmakers by January.”

He wants to know whether it would be “prudent” to follow the law?

Again, as a reminder, the 2004 Thornton bill that Bob Ehrlich didn’t sign was the one that removed a “trigger” provision that required the General Assembly to assert the money was available to pay for the Thornton increases. Tell me again why this was Bob Ehrlich's Fault?

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