Monday, September 10, 2007


Farewell to a Fellow Blogger

Disappointing news from the Blogospehere: Bruce a/k/a Crablaw is saying Good-bye and thanks for all the artemia.

Crablaw and I have known each other since law school and he was an early addition to the Maryland Bloggers’ Alliance. Although he was often (usually?) wrong on the issues, he was a consistently civil voice in our political discourse. But alas, responsibility rears its ugly head (which is why I’ve avoided it all my life):

“Put simply, I am shifting time, money and energy from blogging (which I thoroughly enjoy) to career development and professional pursuits (which will, in time, enable me to pursue my personal interests more fully.)”

In other words, he is selling out for money and family. I'm not going to delve into just how suspicious this seems, coming, as it does, on the heels of Karl Rove’s resignation. Nor will I engage in pointless and mean-spirited speculation by noting the time proximity to Senator Craig’s impending resignation from the Senate. Nope, just want to wish the Crabmeister the best of luck in his refocused career efforts. I hope we continue to be visited and commented on by him.

MC, thank you kindly.
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