Wednesday, September 12, 2007


De-financing the Clinton campaign; Now what?

Clinton Campaign Cites Flawed Background Check

“The Clinton campaign has promised that future fundraisers will undergo criminal background checks.”

OK – let’s assume they had done such a criminal check on Mr. Hsu and his previous mis-deeds came to light. Then what? Presumably the Clinton campaign refuses his assistance but do they also alert authorities? Maybe participate in a sting so that authorities can finally take care of that 15 year old warrant?

I know it would be understandably difficult for any campaign to rat out a prospective donor (and voter) but could a potential president really keep the lid on the whereabouts of a known fugitive? Campaigns had better have a policy in place for such contigencies.

And much has been made of the campaign’s decision “… to refund the $850,000 that Hsu had raised.” So who does it go back to? Mr. Hsu? The campaign will presumably contact those whose names accompanied the donations to verify the donations. Those so inclined can always re-donate the funds. But if you’re some poor schlub who was just used to funnel money to the campaign, a potential $2,300 windfall has got to look pretty sweet. And if it was Mr. Hsu’s all along, how does he make the claim for it without admitting to a campaign finance rules' violation.

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