Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Call me Global Warming

I think it’s becoming obvious that any scientist that wants his or her study to get publicity merely has to somehow tie some dire results to global warming.

Headline: Warming May Be Hurting Gray Whales' Recovery

First Paragraph:

“As many as 118,000 gray whales roamed the Pacific before humans decimated the population through hunting, and human-induced climate change may now be depriving those that remain of the food they need, according to a study released yesterday.”

LAST!!!! Paragraph:

It's not a conclusion we can come to. It's a hint," [Stephen R. Palumbi, a co-author of the study] said in an interview. But if humans are affecting the ocean's "capacity to support life, it's got to make you worry, it's got to make your wonder."

It's not just global warming, it's studies showing that liberals are smarter than conservatives!
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