Wednesday, August 08, 2007


(Yawn) Israel criticized by so-called human rights group

Dog bites man:

An Israeli human rights group charged Tuesday that Israelhas used concrete barricades, fences, checkpoints and other measures to impose restrictions on Palestinian movement in the West Bank that are "unprecedented in scope and duration." Restrictions on Palestinians Decried -

Apparently all you need do to become a bona-fide “human rights” group is criticize Israel. The group cited, B'Tselem, was pretty much formed to reflect Israeli left-wing guilt over Israel being Israel. Even when they branch out to critiquing others, they manage to somehow bring it back to Israel:

“The organization said that both parties [Fatah and Hamas] committed severe violations of customary international humanitarian law during fighting in the Gaza Strip over the past week, including acts that constitute war crimes.”


“B'Tselem also reminded the Israeli government that it "bears overarching responsibility for the human rights of all people in the West Bank, including for acts committed by agencies operating with Israel's agreement, including the Palestinian Authority." B'Tselem to Hamas, Fatah: Put war crimes suspects on trial - Haaretz - Israel News

Wake me when a group like B’Tsalem issues a report that DOESN’T criticize Israel.

I had thought of commenting on a similar article. You're 100% correct.

Of course would Post ever run an article Palestinian violations of agreement decried.

We both know the answer to that one. (Alas Israel doesn't even stand up for itself. I don't get it.)
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