Friday, August 31, 2007


WMDs at the UN: No wonder they couldn't find them in Iraq

Buried on Page 9 of today’s Post is this wonderful tidbit;

Inspectors Find Decade-Old Iraqi Chemical Gas in U.N. Office

From the story, this is what I gather is the timeline:

“…a collection of metal and glass containers with a mysterious liquid substance…” was found LAST FRIDAY. It’s not until WEDNESDAY, though, that anyone figures out what it is because that’s when they find an inventory of the contents. Then, perhaps because these might have been Frenchmen bumping up against their 35-hour work limit, they wait until THURSDAY (yesterday) to inform U.S. officials about all this. Leading to these words of comfort:

“[UN commission spokesman] said that no other organization is better equipped to deal with the situation. "We have the expertise and equipment to do this kind of work," he said.”

But apparently recognizing that this story may just reflect poorly on the United Nations and not on the Bush Administration, Post writer Colum Lynch helpfully throws in this utterly irrelevant (and misleading - but what are you gonna do?) comment:

“Faulty intelligence suggesting that Hussein continued to produce weapons of mass destruction was used to justify the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.”

Comments: was columnist Lynch's comments that were 'misleading'. But the fact that we've found nothing more dangerous than 20 year old munitions, combined with being told 'We know they have them, we know where they are' isn't miselading in the slightest, huh?
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