Thursday, August 30, 2007


Try to resist clicking on the link below

Man arrested in prostitution sting — despite wife in car

I know there are two sides to any story but it’s tough to see how Chicago comes out looking reasonable in this one. The man was released after a few hours and predictably, all charges were dropped.

[Commercial announcement directed toward any one in Maryland who finds himself in a similar situation; I’d be the Defense Attorney on a case like this for free – just to pad the stats.]

One line from the story, though, I think sums up exactly what Chicago - as the generic state is in so much of its interactions with its citizenry - is after:

“The city wants more than $4,700 in towing and storage fees if he wants the car back.”

Side Note: The article adds that the man involved is now suing Chicago and the officers involved for violations of his civil rights. Not sure how that’ll play out. Chicago is the ultimate Democratic Party town and if we’ve learned nothing else since January 2001, it’s that George Bush is responsible for any diminution of such rights.

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