Thursday, August 02, 2007


A Maryland reminder...


“[Governor Ehrlich] even vetoed measures to restore the independence of the Public Service Commission (PSC) and give Marylanders more leverage to negotiate lower energy costs and ensure adequate supply.

“…Bob Ehrlich has failed to demonstrate a long-term vision to keep energy affordable, and [has] sided with corporate energy interests instead of hard-working families and small businesses. Now, every time we open our electric bills and fill up our gas tanks we feel the effects of Bob Ehrlich and George Bush’s failed leadership.

Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown will work to provide immediate relief from the impending rate hikes for our families, small businesses and the most vulnerable in our communities. O’Malley and Brown believe that any system should ensure an adequate supply of energy, a fair rate of return for producers and affordable rates for customers. Absent adequate competition that can meet these goals, we must work to implement a system that ensures an adequate supply of energy at affordable rates.” Martin O'Malley: Defending Maryland Against Rising Energy Prices


“On transportation, where he faces a parallel budget challenge because of the depletion of the trust fund that pays for highway and transit projects, O'Malley all but announced an intent to index the state's gas tax to inflation.” O'Malley hints at budget choices

“Last week, the Maryland Public Service Commission reluctantly approved the 50 percent rate increase, saying it could not find a legal alternative. The rate increase goes into effect Friday.“Gov. Martin O'Malley, who criticized the commission during his campaign last year, ended up replacing the chairman with Steven Larsen and two other members of the five-person board.”
Activists Call on Md. Leaders to Address Utility Rates

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