Thursday, August 09, 2007


Marine makes a liar of John Murtha

As expected, Lance Cpl. Sharratt will not be facing a court martial. Marine's Charges Dropped in Iraq Deaths.

As of now, John Murtha had no comment.

I bet he can't sleep.
I doubt it...

ABSCAM Jack sleeps REAL well, seeing how much interference the MSM, Unions, and his ample spreading of earmarks about Johnstown cushions him. Almost Clintonian or Kennedy-esque...

Along with having Pelosi's ear, the only thing he has to fear is the hand of the Reaper, or Steny Hoyer waking up and realizing how much a total douche-bag and albatross he is about the DNC neck.

But, Jack is the political cat, with unlimited lives.... and can't move off into the sunset fast enough...
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