Thursday, July 05, 2007


Per the Post, Gov. O'Malley is Keeping it Real

The editorialists over at the Washington Post are applauding our Governor because they think he will follow the law and submit a balanced budget. However they are wary of one potential budget balancer – Slots. Because, as we are constantly told:

“Slots would be a mistake, a tax on the poor that would tether the state to an unreliable revenue source that has attracted corruption and social problems elsewhere.” Mr. O'Malley Gets Real

Ah yes, the old tax on the poor. Since playing the slots is 100% voluntary, is the Post suggesting that the poor are too stupid to know what’s good for them and therefore to protect them from themselves, we must place restrictions on everyone?

Of course they are. They’re liberals and that's their mantra: Trust us; we know what’s best for you.

Side Note: Here’s the Post’s suggestion for the Governor:

A better option would be for the governor to begin speaking specifically about the fiscally sound alternatives that Maryland's obsolete tax code has avoided for years -- including revamped taxes on corporations, services, income, sales and gasoline.”

When they write “revamped”, can someone make the case that in this instance, this isn’t a synonym for “higher”?

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