Wednesday, July 11, 2007


A Rose - or Voucher - By Any Other Name

In today's NY Times, Jonathan Kozol credits Justice Kennedy’s concurrence in the recent school choice case (that shot down local Seattle and Louisville programs that could deny some children access to certain schools based on existing racial composition) with giving him a bright idea on (yet again) fixing the nation’s schools.

“Democrats in the Senate should therefore introduce an amendment to authorize and make easier cross-district transfers — not on a specifically race-conscious basis, but solely to fulfill the professed intention of the law.”
Transfering Up

In other words, he thinks students should be able to transfer from poorly performing schools into better schools – even if that means crossing school district lines...oh, and of course, the Federal government should actively involved in making this happen.

Now to me that sounds kind of like a voucher program but, of course, it couldn’t be anything like a voucher program because, as we’ve been told:

“"Vouchers have the potential to rip apart the social fabric of this nation," Kozol said” 2000 WEAC Convention

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