Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Some "Truth to Power"

Following up on my earlier comments on the shocking story that some federal agencies aren’t complying with certain aspects of certain laws, take note how it’s playing among some bloggers.

ThinkProgress, a fairly widely read (and I think it is safe to say) left-of center blog, converts the sample size of 6 of 19 out of 160 provisions that the President had objected into:

Following Bush Signing Statements, Federal Agencies Ignore 30 Percent Of Laws Passed Last Year

Whistle & Fish piggybacks ThinkProgress with this:

“the latest Government Accountability Office report that, by following executive signing statements, federal agencies have ignored a third of laws passed last year, this administration has declared it is above the law.”

Yep – now we’re up to a third of laws passed being ignored by federal agencies.

Yank in London clearly thinks the President is micromanaging the federal agencies as he notes, quite civilly:

“At least you have to give Captain Codpiece credit. First he says he is going to break the law and then he breaks the law.”

And finally, this is all apparently too much for Mike over at Ways to End the World:

“His argument — and I do mean his entire argument, the whole thing, this is all there is — is that he is the president, and clearly the president shouldn’t have to follow laws if he doesn’t want to. But we know that this is wrong, this is not what the constitution says, it isn’t even what common sense says. He has nothing. And he is a criminal. And we are reminded every day. Yet we do nothing.

“If a tree falls in the forest and everybody pretends not to hear it, is American society doomed to exist as an effective monarchy?”

Monarchy!?!...alright, at least he didn’t use ‘fascist’…

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