Friday, June 15, 2007


The Post spells "mandate" D-E-M-A-N-D

The Washington Post – May 26, 2005
Senate Panel Votes to Boost Ethanol Mandate

“A Senate panel, responding to high gasoline prices and pressure from farm states, voted unanimously yesterday to require refiners and importers to more than double the use of ethanol and other agriculture-derived fuels by 2012.”

The Washington Post – June 15, 2007
The Rising Tide of Corn

“President Bush's call for the nation to cure its addiction to oil stoked a growing demand for ethanol, which is mostly made from corn. Greater demand for corn has inflated prices from a historically stable $2 per bushel to about $4.”

Every other day, it seems, the Post is reminding us just how unpopular the President is. Yet, we’re now supposed to believe that on his exhortation, millions are now clamoring for ethanol-based fuel. The Post is sensibly on record as opposed to the mandates. And this story isn’t really new since the Post reported on it in a different slant back on January 27th: A Culinary and Cultural Staple in Crisis - Is this just a reflexive “see problem, blame Bush”?

There is a lot of blame to go around beginning with Congress all the way up to the President for foisting such economic and environmental nonsense on us. But please do not blame the innocent here; namely an unfettered Law of Supply & Demand.

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