Monday, June 18, 2007


Perlozzo out

I’ve been critical of Sam Perlozzo but, by all accounts, he was a decent guy who probably deserved better so I take no glee in this: Orioles Fire Manger Sam Perlozzo

Strangely, in the aftermath:

“Perlozzo, 56, will be replaced on an interim basis by bench coach Dave Trembley…”

Actually, Mr. Trembley was the BULLPEN Coach and right now you would be hard-pressed to come up with a more under-performing group of guys than the Baltimore bullpen. I earlier have ranted about Danys Baez but nowadays there is not a single pitcher coming out of the bullpen that allows a fan to be confident that things are going to be alright – not one!! In fact, I doubt Cy Young himself would be immune to whatever weird karma has infected the Oriole relief staff.

But obviously the brain trust running this team feels a promotion is order for Mr. Trembley.

(Side Note: I know Dave Trembley has a fine record of managing at the lower levels and you can only play with the cards you’re dealt but still….)

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