Wednesday, June 13, 2007


News Flash: Illegals can face deportation

“Hugo Vinicio Hernandez knew that immigration agents could detain him at any time for having disregarded a deportation order in 2001. But the Guatemalan man didn't think he would wind up in the custody of immigration agents as a result of a routine traffic stop.” Database Is Tool in Deporting Fugitives

But alas for Mr. Hernandez, he did….and in Takoma Park no less (kudos to Officer Collins for proper enforcement – no doubt he will be the subject of much hand-wringing and lamenting about what-this-says-about-us-as-a-people in Maryland’s answer to Berkeley).

Here are some facts about this case:

“Hernandez entered the United States illegally in September 2000 through the Mexican border. He joined relatives in Hyattsville, found work as a welder and began dating a Guatemalan woman. Their two sons, a 5-year-old and a 10-month-old, were born in Maryland.”

…which means he became a father (twice) all the while knowing that he was under deportation orders.

Understandably this arrest didn’t sit well with certain parties:

“When Brenda Cruz, his common-law wife, arrived at the station, she wasn't allowed to see him, she said.
“Fuming, she says, she told Collins: "I hope this never happens to you. Today, my kids lost their father."

[Ed. Note: I’m not a family law practitioner but in states that recognize common-law marriages, it usually takes at least 7 years for it to become effective and since he didn’t get here until September 2000 (do the math)…and besides, Maryland is not a common-law marriage state. ]

I would love to tell you this story has a somewhat happy ending as Ms. Cruz wasn’t about to let a silly old deportation separate her from Mr. Hernandez nor her children from their father. After all, he’s in Guatemala, Ms. Cruz is from Guatemala….

But nowadays, she resides at her mother's Hyattsville apartment, so scarred by this recent event that she won’t even report a recent break-in of her van – after all, there might be questions and:

“Cruz also came to the country illegally and is gathering documents to apply for a visa for victims of crime.”

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