Thursday, June 14, 2007


It's different when the Dems do just is

Just did a search of the Baltimore Sun for their take on this: O'Malley firing ruled illegal over GOP ties

This is what I found:

Yep, and here’s what I just found on the Washington Post:

Well nothing in the main sections but if you got to one of their on-line blogs and read down awhile in the comments: Dimmer Light on Democrats' Firings? - Maryland Moment - News and notes from the Maryland political scene.

Maybe the argument is that such practices in Maryland by Democrats hardly constitutes news....

(For the record, I have not read ALJ Susan Sinrod's decision - mainly because it is unavailable - and so will not comment on whether her decision was appropriate but I am sympathetic to the idea that political appointees are fair game whenever and for whatever. I just know that if a similar decision had been handed down during Governor Ehrlich's tenure, the Baltimore Sun in particular would have laid waste to the Amazon forests to make sure everyone read about it.)

For all the talk about Ehrlich's firings, the administration acknowledged firing some 280 political appointees out of 7000 total appointees. Think about that for a moment. That's 4%! (Some news reports suggested that the number was higher but we're still talking about a retention rate in 90% range.)

There are so many lies on which O'Malley, the General Assembly (and the Sun) built his campaign for governor. This is just one more.
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