Thursday, June 28, 2007


iPhone mania

As most are probably aware, the new iPhone comes out tomorrow and I guess this is a pretty big deal: Some Camp Out for the iPhone, Others Just Want to Make a Buck -

Apparently the $500 price tag is no deterrent but waiting all that time in line just to be one of the first..? What a bunch of saps; I think John Edwards would handle this in a more efficient, bridging-the-Two-Americas way.

I’m sure it’s a life changing piece of equipment but since I just recently upgraded to a Razr, I’m going to hold off...and besides, it's $500!!

And for sheer chutzpah, you can’t beat this early camper in New York: I’m first in line for iPhone! « First in Line for iPhone

That’s right, the sign he is holding graciously informs all that he is accepting donations for food and metrocards and his blog informs us he is openly looking for donations to make his wait more comfortable…the wait to buy a $500 phone.

I am happy to report my enjoyment of a used bcPhone - beat up and cheap. Replaced the BlackBerry with a used unit same model off of eBay - works great and the clickwheel actually allows me to email people now.

But it doesn't include Steve Jobs' coolness so I guess I am not cool. Which I actually already knew.
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