Friday, May 18, 2007


The World Bank Vacancy

White House to Quickly Replace Wolfowitz

(I have a suggestion: John Bolton)

The linked-to AP story suggests that its writer, Jeannine Aversa, knows nothing about the World Bank:

“The European Commission called Friday for a quick appointment, saying the poverty fighting institution needs "stable and strong political leadership."

More laughably:

“The Wolfowitz flap had been seen as a growing liability that threatened to tarnish the poverty-fighting institution's reputation and hobble its ability to persuade countries around the world to contribute billions of dollars to provide financial assistance to poor nations.”

“threatened to tarnish”?? Only among people as clueless as Ms. Aversa and her editors apparently are does the World Bank even have a reputation capable of being tarnished. And what press release is she reading off of with these incessant references to the Bank as a poverty-fighting institution? Please, the Bank would need a dramatic infusion of enthusiasm, competency and ethics just to approach the effectiveness of HUD's poverty fighting efforts. Meanwhile, the Bank is safely ensconced in its $160,000,000, 13-story, refurbished Headquarters at 1818 H Street in DC, a scant two-blocks from the White House.

Hell, even John Edwards probably knows there is nothing to learn about fighting poverty at the World Bank.

As an institution, the World Bank and its employees have obviously adopted the credo of the ‘60’s preacher, Reverend Ike:

“The best thing you can do for the poor is not be one of them.”

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