Monday, May 21, 2007


January in Florida

“Gov. Charlie Crist signed a bill Monday moving Florida’s 2008 presidential primary up to Jan. 29, leapfrogging several other states in a change that could dramatically alter the Republican and Democratic presidential nominating campaigns.” Early primary gives Florida big say

Hmm, campaigning in January in New Hampshire, Iowa or Florida? Focusing your early campaign in which one of those three would be most likely to curry favor with the tag-along press?

But there are risks for Florida:

“Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee has threatened to take away half of Florida's delegates if the primary is held before Feb. 5. The Democratic National Committee said the state would lose 50 percent of its delegates and all its superdelegates. The DNC also said it would penalize candidates who campaign in Florida for a primary earlier than Feb. 5 by making them ineligible for receiving any of the state's delegates.”

Yeah right, the parties are going to openly dis a crucial vote haven like Florida. My prediction: Both parties cave in this instance because one party definitely will; thus making it incumbent on the other to do the same. (H/T NRO)

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