Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Immigration: Ted Kennedy and Hazleton, PA

It’s this kind of thinking that has me convinced that competing mindsets on immigration issues are far, indeed intractably, apart.

“When Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) declared last week that unnamed "stakeholders" would decide whether Congress overhauls immigration law this year, Latino organizations in Washington understood exactly what he meant.” Latino Groups Play Key Role on Hill -


The Post article does note they are unnamed but apparently everyone knows who they are. Does he mean the millions of illegal immigrants currently residing here? Not sure why their opinion should have one iota of influence over the proper course to pursue the best interest of our country is here but I can easily see a knee-jerk liberal like Ted Kennedy thinking that way. But perhaps he just means US citizens of Hispanic-descent. There certainly is a hint of that in the article. Again, not sure why their opinion on a favored course of action is any more relevant than that of other US citizens with differing ancestries but again, Ted Kennedy is certainly of the ilk that would think ancestry should be a determining factor in many facets of government action.

Of course, there is always the real possibility that Ted Kennedy didn’t name them because nobody in Progressivedom authority has yet told Ted Kennedy who they are.

In other immigration-related news: No doubt Ted Kennedy would be appalled at this development (H/T NRO)

Pa. mayor who targeted illegals on way to third term (Hazleton, PA)

Here’s my favorite part:

“Barletta trounced GOP challenger Dee Deakos with nearly 94 percent of the vote. And he beat former Mayor Michael Marsicano for the Democratic nomination by staging a last-minute write-in campaign, all but guaranteeing himself another term, unofficial returns showed.”

I’m going to guess that that’s not what Ted Kennedy’s unnamed stakeholders wanted.

The Kennedys are misunderstood.
...have you ever listened to Ted Kennedy? who can understand him?
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