Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Great moments in the Entertainment Industry's priorities

Beyond sports, I don’t watch a lot of television but I have heard/read a lot of praise for NBC’s “Heroes”. Still, I didn’t know a lot about the show. However, last week I overheard a couple of people talking about one of the show’s main characters – Isaac Mendez. Apparently, Mr. Mendez is a heroin addict who, while doped up on the drug, paints pictures of near-future cataclysmic events.

“Heroes” airs at 9PM on Mondays and is available to anyone with rabbit ears and a TV.

Meanwhile, Smoking in movies to affect ratings. …

So, to recap: The free, over-the-air, in the middle of prime-time availability of a video whereby heroin is portrayed as an important factor in a Hero-being-a-Hero – OK; The portrayal of cigarettes as an affectation of a character in a pay-to-see video: not OK.

(and for the record, I am not seeking any kind of legal restriction on Heroes or other such quasi-glamorizings of drugs...)

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