Friday, May 25, 2007


Finally, an Ethical Capitol Hill

Well, apparently Conservatives and Blacks within the Democratic caucus weren’t able to derail new ethics rules in the House: Ethics Legislation Easily Passes House -

One thing I got out of this matter is just how self-centered Massachusetts Congressman Michael Capuano apparently is. When last we talked, this noted liberal was concerned about his potential next job:

““… a "revolving door" provision extending the waiting period before former members can lobby Congress placed unfair limits on his future job options.” (He should be pleased – no extension provision was included.)

But all is not joyful in the Capuano household – a bundling provision is front and center in this bill requiring disclosure of lobbyists who “bundle” contributions together for the benefit of a candidate. Again , this liberal lion was concerned, saying:

“…the bundling measure did little to address the main problem in campaign finance, which "is the millions I have to raise to run for office."

A true servant of the people!

Most meaningless reform: “…the bill would require that lawmakers interviewing for private-sector jobs publicly recuse themselves from issues involving their prospective new industry.”

How many congressmen openly acknowledge that they probably won’t be around after the next election by interviewing for a job? Since most run for re-election with the reasonable expectation that they’ll win, I can’t see this so-called reform as much of a hindrance to business-as-usual.

Perhaps the democrats are misunderstood.
that's the kindest explanation for their electoral success
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