Monday, March 05, 2007


Justice Thomas rules!!

During my first semester at law school, I meandered down to DC for a Holy Cross alumni reception. Standing right next to me and checking in while I was doing the same was Justice Clarence Thomas. A few hours later, as the last stragglers at the reception are receiving hints that it might be time to leave, Justice Thomas is still there talking with anyone and everyone.

“There was a wonderful fraternity—The Cross. When you were a crusader, you looked after each other—no matter where you were. That doesn't mean they would always be in a position to do you a favor. But they were there, just as a friend. I've never been turned away by a graduate of The Cross.” Online Extra: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks

Followed by this wonderful quote:

How did you find your experience at Yale?

"Let me put it this way: It wasn't the kind of environment Holy Cross was and I would not have done well there. I don't fit in there. It wasn't about them. I just didn't fit. I don't fit in an orchestra. I don't care how great the orchestra is. It's nothing against Yale. I'm extraordinarily pleased that through serendipity or, I like to think, almost divine providence, I wound up at Holy Cross.”

I feel the same way about the Cross. I love Justice Scalia but, for obvious reasons, Justice Thomas is my main man!!

I often regret going to Princeton, notwithstanding its many merits and some renowned scholars whose classes I did enjoy, because of the congenial and decent social environment that I appreciated in my Jesuit high school but which Princeton so lacked amidst its eating clubs and its extreme, Paris Hilton-rivaling narcissistic self-obsession which a decent Loyola High School priest would have torn apart with a none-too-rusty right hook from the days when Loyola had a boxing ring (in a tough-loving way, of course.)

I guess it was too much blue blood and not enough true blue blood.

While I did not attend Holy Cross and don't see eye-to-eye often with Justice Thomas, I have a sneaking suspicion I know exactly what Justice Thomas was talking about.
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