Friday, February 23, 2007


Vilsack Drops Out of 2008 Presidential Race

If you’ll recall, Mr. Vilsack was first out of the chute in publicly declaring for 2008: November 9, 2006 Tom Vilsack for President TOM VILSACK FILES OFFICIAL PAPERS TO DECLARE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDACY

Making this then a rather ironic observation:

“This is a nomination process on steroids," said a Vilsack adviser, who asked not to be identified in order to let the former governor speak publicly about the decision to quit the race. "It started earlier than anybody expected and it's requiring more money than ever before."

Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack seems like a decent enough guy – much too liberal for my taste but at least his public persona didn’t scream ‘consultant-enhanced’. I’m a firm believer in the-more-the-merrier as to candidates for 2008 so I’m disappointed he has dropped out of the Democratic field of presidential hopefuls. He was more likeable than Senator Clinton, had more relevant experience than Senator Obama and was more believable than John Edwards.

Of course, unless you were really geeking out on this stuff, you may not have even been aware of his candidacy…which I guess was a big part of the problem with it.

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