Friday, February 16, 2007


The Hairless Hand Indicator

Ladies and Gentlemen: for your edification...again: Ms. Wendy Doniger:

“Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism celebrate, on the one hand, the power of sex within marriage and are keen to harness its power for their worshippers, while, on the other hand, they warn you that hair will grow on the palms of your hand if you masturbate.” For Many Religions, Sex Both Blessing and Curse

Well, not all the world’s religions; she courageously ignores Islam and their perhaps enlightened attitudes.

Not to let things get (ahem) out of hand, but the Rhodes Scholar Wendy Doniger has confused moral teachings with folk prejudices.
Ya think??...she should single-HANDEDLY cost Chicago a few slots in the rankings
Hawkins v. McGee.
Attila - with the encyclopedic mind, why aren't you teaching at a law school?
Not encyclopedic at all. This was the first case in my contracts book and I think it was featured in the movie Paper Chase.

By the way, two best reasons not to teach at law school: 1) law students, 2) fellow law professors. The third is that I could never get hired.
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