Thursday, February 22, 2007


Crablaw introduces 'Carnival of Maryland'

Friend and fellow MBA-blogger, Crablaw is putting together a new blog carnival:

Carnival of Maryland

That link provides an easy way to submit the best of your Maryland-oriented postings for yet another opportunity to be read. As Crablaw describes here - Carnival of Maryland #1 - this is to be about Maryland – our politics, our culture, our blogs….

Crablaw is very sincere when he invites entries that cut across the ideological spectrum. The Crab is often very liberal in his thinking…which means he is often very wrong. It therefore especially behooves those of us who are usually right to support him in this endeavor.

MC, thanks for helping to keep my liberal street cred valid. Really appreciate it. The beer truck will be by your house Saturday to deliver the agreed bribe.

Jokes aside, thanks very much.
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