Wednesday, January 24, 2007


SOTU...and a Ted Kennedy sighting

Re: the speech last night. Overall I liked it because he reiterated his intention to win in Iraq. Accordingly I stay with him even if I am, at best, lukewarm to his health care proposals and dismissive of his energy proposals. Fighting the fight remains the single most important job of our federal government and it is how I judge its performance. I don’t want to sound like a U.S. Senator on this so let me unequivocally note: I supported our initial venture into Iraq and Afghanistan and I remain supportive of our efforts there. Nothing that has occurred in the years since has persuaded me to alter my stance.

On a lighter note, Style Section “journalist” Tom Shales has his own review of the speech performance. While actually not too critical (though still predictably catty), he makes this gushing observation:

“Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) was caught by cameras reading the speech, too, but he looks so venerable and distinguished by now that it's hard to get a bad picture of him.” Getting a Read On the Speech Makes for Quite A Snapshot

Funny, but while watching the speech I couldn’t help but notice his sitting in front of Senator Clinton and next to Senator Obama (do you think Senator Kennedy got the name right last night?). And I’m thinking: how pathetic that Ted Kennedy – who used to be “It” among Democrats – is now reduced to shamelessly acting like a groupie just to get some guaranteed air time.

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