Thursday, January 25, 2007


Mea Culpa: Maryland Democrats are not the sexist bigots their voting record otherwise might suggest.

Over at The Old Line (inexplicably not a member of the Maryland Blogger Alliance), Isaac Smith has called me out for my recent posting: Clinton & Obama v. the Democratic Party. I had posited that perhaps Maryland’s recent record on voting “Diversity” (the skin-deep type – the only kind that seems to matter to many on the left) was at best spotty and perhaps did not bode well for the presidential candidacies of Senators Clinton and Obama.

He replies:

“I think you attribute to race and sex what would be better explained by partisan affiliation and other factors.” The Old Line: Are We Who We Say We Are?

My response: One of the downsides of blogging is that no one can see when your tongue is firmly planted in your cheek…(pause)…Of course partisan affiliation and other factors best explains what happened!!! My point was not that Maryland Democrats are a bunch of sexist bigots (I don't think most are) but rather that the race and gender cards can be played by anyone. Yes, ideology usually trumps (as it should) race and gender. It would be nice if much of the sanctimonious left would remember that.

I believe this country is (and has been) ready for a woman and/or black president…which doesn’t translate to mean that we’re ready (and hopefully never will be) for the staunchly liberal likes of a Senator Clinton or a Senator Obama. So when we openly oppose and don’t vote for them, try to remember that bit about “partisan affiliation and other factors”.

Then you have Lisa Gladden and her supporters who argued 4 years ago that skin color was a significant qualification for her job. (Recall the late Del Rawlings's bigoted comment.)
Of course this year she was very vocal that skin color (or at least Michael Steele's skin color) didn't mean as much as party loyalty.
It has been easy for me to miss the subtle tongue-in-cheek tone of some blog posts of late - not directed at the Maryland Conservatarian but in general. Then again, the culture of my household of late has not been particularly subtle. The toddlers tend to go for slapstick and goofy noises. It's Baby Einstein or bust.
Re: Lisa Gladden - I thought about her shameless campaign as I wrote this as that bit of race-baiting has forever tainted Ms. Gladden in my eyes. But Ms. Hoffman seems to have moved on and a rehashing by me does her no good in her position.
But it is never inappropriate to remind the preening libs of some of their modern history.
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