Sunday, January 28, 2007


Jane %$^&#$@ Fonda

Listening to Walter Cronkite one night opine on the Vietnam War, Lyndon Johnson is famously reported to have said “"If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost America."

Somehow, I’m guessing that wasn’t President Bush’s reaction upon hearing the words of this critic:

“Among the celebrities who appeared was Jane Fonda, the 69-year-old actress and activist who was criticized for sympathizing with the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. She told the crowd that this was the first time she had spoken at an antiwar rally in 34 years.” Thousands Protest Bush Policy

Now off hand, I can’t think of a fellow citizen that I have more disdain for than Jane Fonda. She wasn’t criticized for just “sympathizing with the North Vietnamese”, she was and remains reviled for her traitorous (Yes, I will question HER patriotism!) behavior as she openly rooted for the North Vietnamese; hoping they would shoot our pilots down and defeat our ground troops. Here is a woman who had every benefit this country can offer and she cheers on the enemy.

"I've been afraid that because of the lies that have been and continue to be spread about me and that war, that they would be used to hurt this new antiwar movement," she told the crowd. "But silence is no longer an option."

Lies? Calling her actions “sympathizing” sure is a whopper but aside from that…Urban Legends Reference Pages: Hanoi'd with Jane

MC, she cheered on the people who shot Ron Kovic, the famous veteran-turned-antiwar-activist. A great many of the antiwar activists towards the end of the war were discharged veterans (you know this, not everyone does.)

Her condemnation of returning POWs was unspeakable. Her meeting with enemy soldiers to encourage them in their efforts against American servicemen was treason. The fact that she did this so late in the war makes it even more unforgivable, if that is logically possible. Hui debitrici ne dimittamus.
throwing the Latin at me huh? - I'm not familiar with that phrase soas near as I can make it: "Let us not forget such debts/things"? (4 years of Latin from a long time ago)...anyway good sentiments.
Let us not forgive this debtrix (female debtor) - as in sicut et nos dimittimus debtoribus nostris.
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