Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Hillary MBA

Over at Pillage Idiot, Attila presents an abridged version of Hillary’s initial campaign video. The first four panels especially capture the perception of many of us of Ms. Clinton.

Soccer Dad gives a deservedly complimentary link to David Broder’s latest effort about Senator Clinton’s non-questioning of Lt. Gen. David Petraeus during his hearings before the Senate Armed Services last week. He uses the opportunity to square some of the Senator’s more recent posturings on Iraq with those from the really not-too-distant past.

SD especially takes off on this recent expression of “resentment” by Ms. Clinton:

"The president has said this is going to be left to his successor. He has said that on more than one occasion," Clinton said during a town hall meeting here Sunday morning. "I really resent it. This was his decision to go to war." In Iowa, Clinton Calls Bush Reckless

(Ed. Note: In all fairness, the Post may just have dropped off “…after obtaining the Advice and Consent of the U.S. Senate, which included my vote” after “This was his decision to go to war”. Hey, I’m just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt for what otherwise reads as a weak and whiny statement; not at all befitting one who purports to show “the character and toughness to be president”.)

Of course, it would also probably be the height of cattiness to point out that President Bush was himself left with a few problems by the prior Buy-One-Get-Two administration so I will just link to this excellent summary of our thinkings and actions towards Iraq in the eight years prior to President Bush's time in office: The Clinton Administration's Public Case Against Saddam Hussein

Meanwhile, Crablaw manages to slam Ms. Clinton all the while defending her from the juvenile ponderings of Andrew Sullivan: Sullivan: Hillary Clinton Has "Cootie Vibes". Nicely done!

[Mr. Sullivan was a guest on The Chris Matthews Show and while I will refrain from criticizing fellow Holy Cross grad Chris Matthews, his guests are fair game (especially Colgate grad Howard Fineman).]

Finally, Kevin Dayhoff has an amusing, though probably apocryphal, story about the Junior Senator from New York. (Side Note: Wouldn’t it be fun to once with Senator Schumer around refer to HIM as the Junior Senator from New York…not that I think he cares about that kind of stuff.)

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