Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Governor O'Malley's State of the State

Our new Governor was his usual classy self today as he apparently tries to convince us that he became our Governor just in the nick of time:

“We cannot resolve every unsettled issue in just 90 days; nor can we heal in 90 days divisions that were four years in the making.”


“If not, we risk going back to a time that we were not particularly proud of -- making life less affordable for middle-class families. Cutting funds to local government. Stealing from our children's future by taking money away from open space, and shifting transportation dollars away from reducing traffic. I don't believe that is the sort of future we would choose.” Text of Gov. O'Malley's address

(Unless you think he's referring to the thirty years of Democratic rule prior to Governor Ehrlich...)

Most obnoxiously, he early on got in this little dig:

“Fourteen days into the four years the people have given us to do their business, I am glad to report that thanks to the hard work of citizens in decades past -- and despite the drift of recent years -- the state of our state, today, is strong."

Strangely followed by this observation:

“Maryland is the second wealthiest state in the union.”

That must be have been some drift because Governor Ehrlich reported in his first State of the State only four years ago:

“…our per capita personal income is the sixth highest in the nation.”

Compare and contrast yourself the tones of the two initial SOTS: Text of Gov. O'Malley's address, Gov. Ehrlich's 1st State of the State Address ( Now I’m no fan of the ordinary-heroes-in-the-audience routine used by Governor Ehrlich (and practically de rigueur for State of the Union speeches now) but he properly didn’t take the obvious and available potshots at the just-departed Glendening administration…So much for the Democrat’s respect for precedent.

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