Monday, January 08, 2007


From the Desk of Wesley Carter - I mean - Clark

When you read the headline: The Smart Surge: Diplomacy – you figure the odds are it’s going to read simplistic.

When you see who wrote it - Wesley K. Clark – well, all bets are off.

In the piece, General Clark reviews what he perceives are the problems with a projected increase in troops in the Baghdad area. Fair enough – the proposal is receiving a lot of criticism and as an erstwhile Democratic candidate; he is probably duty-bound to oppose any Iraq-related proposal coming from the current administration. But then this:

“Dealing with meddling neighbors is an essential element of resolving the conflict in Iraq. But this requires more than border posts and threatening statements. The administration needs a new strategy for the region, before Iran gains nuclear capabilities. While the military option must remain on the table, America should take the lead with direct diplomacy to resolve the interrelated problems of Iran's push for regional hegemony and nuclear power, the struggle for control of Lebanon, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Isolating our adversaries hasn't worked.”

This passes for foreign policy analysis? Beyond a vague reference to the surge “distract[ing] us”, nowhere does he explain just how the proposed troop “surge” obviates any kind of attention to the rest of the region. Even vaguer is his call for the U.S. to “take the lead with direct diplomacy to resolve the interrelated problems…”

Well, we already know that what most worries the former Democratic presidential candidate in this regard: the “New York money people” (OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today) but does he also see some kind of wiggle room in Iran’s declaration that they will be a nuclear power? Is he proposing we seek talks with the terrorist group Hezbollah and in effect, give them legitimacy? Perhaps we should invite a Palestinian leader or two to the White House and see where we can find “consensus”; that strategy worked swimmingly for Bill Clinton. Then maybe we can get them to agree to the complete destruction of only a part of Israel.

…(sigh) I’m sorry General Clark, we already have a Jimmy Carter.

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