Monday, January 08, 2007


Finally, jobs available in the DC area

Does anybody seriously write about Business at the Washington Post anymore? Local Job Market Rebounds

“The Washington job market is expected to be robust enough in 2007 that companies say they're beginning to reminisce about the late 1990s -- a boom time that now seems so distant as to have taken on the aura of an urban job-market myth.”

Never mind why I suspect the late 1990’s are so special to Post reporter Amy Joyce (and probably 90%+ of her cohorts at the Washington Post), why the newfound optimism?

“The region is full of growing technology, sales and legal industries and has a low unemployment rate -- just 3 percent,…”

Which sounds great but just how bad were things before?

“…down from 3.1 percent at the same time last year -- making it a job-seeker's market. Last year, the region added 66,200 jobs compared with 64,700 in 2005, momentum that is expected to continue despite concerns about a slowdown in the housing market.”

Not sure why she’s getting all excited now as her heralded 3.0% number is UP! from 2.9% in October (Employment Figures). Whatever, I’m just glad that 3.1% nightmare is over!

The whole region has been an employment paradise for 10 years.
agreed - it's as if Ms. Joyce finally decided to check an employment source other than the DNC
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